Do I need Habitation Certificate?

23 October 2023   |   by Hanna Christensen   |   Conveyancing Mallorca

Habitation Certificate - What is it Exactly?

In addition to the energy certificate, another document plays a crucial role in the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain – the so-called " Habitation Certificate", in Spanish "Cédula de habitabilidad". This certificate not only confirms the habitability of a property but also attests that it meets specific minimum standards, including prescribed size, sanitary facilities, and essential technical equipment. An example of its application is the initial request for electricity and/or water connections.

The Habitation Certificate, colloquially referred to as "Cédula," is issued by the Island Council in Mallorca and is valid for ten years. Renewal is necessary after this period. In the case of notarizations for the sale of a property, the document should be in valid form and is even urgently required for bank financing.

There are different types of Habitation Certificates:

Initial Certification


This certificate, known as "Cédula de habitabilidad de primera ocupación" in Spanish, applies to new constructions and is required when changing the use of the property or undertaking significant renovations or expansions. The presentation of the building permit is necessary, and the document is issued by the competent municipality in Mallorca after a successful final building inspection (Certificado de final de obra).

Renewal Certificate

If the validity period of the current Habitation Certificate has expired, a renewal must be applied for. The application should include recent photos of the property, and an architect must provide written confirmation that no changes have been made. This is known as the "Cédula de habitabilidad de renovación."

For properties built before 1987

For properties built before March 1, 1987, and for which no certificate has ever been issued in Mallorca, a simplified application process exists – the so-called "Cédula de habitabilidad por carencia." However, proof is required that the property was built before the specified date, no structural changes have been made since, and there are no ongoing proceedings against the owners for building violations.

Copies of the Habitation Certificate

As long as the Cédula has not expired and no construction work has been undertaken, a copy can be easily requested.

All Digital

The Habitation Certificate includes essential information such as the registration number, issue date, type of Cédula, property use, location, number of sleeping spaces, verification code, and digital signatures. The issuance of this certificate is done by the "Consell insular de Mallorca." While there used to be an original Cédula with a stamp, today it is electronically requested and issued, appearing much less ceremonial.

If needed, I am happy to assist you with any questions or processes necessary for the smooth completion of both the sale and purchase of your properties.

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