NIE: white or green or british?

25 October 2023   |   by Hanna Christensen   |   Administrative Support, Consulting

NIE - What was it again?

Regardless of your plans in Spain, whether it's employment or property purchase, applying for an NIE number is necessary. NIE stands for "Número de Identidad de Extranjero" and serves as an identification and tax number for foreigners in Spain. You only need to apply for your NIE number once; it is valid for a lifetime and essential for working in Spain, entering contracts, or paying taxes in the context of a property purchase.

The application for the NIE number is done in person and/or through a representative at the relevant authority in Spain or at Spanish representations such as the Embassy or consulates in your home country.

I offer you my assistance in applying for a personal NIE number in Spain to facilitate this crucial step and am available to answer all your questions. Please contact me to learn more about how I can assist you in obtaining the NIE number.

NIE: white?

The “white” NIE number must be applied for, regardless of your plans in Spain. Even if your primary residence remains “at home” and you spend no more than 183 days a year in Spain, you still need an NIE if you plan to stay longer — whether it's for studying, remote work, property acquisition or starting a company.

EU citizens


For those who wish to live and work permanently in Mallorca, various bureaucratic processes are required, including applying for residency/permission to stay, the coveted “green” NIE card (CUE) in case of EU-citizens. For this, you need an NIE number and additionally an affiliation number, "Número de Afiliación," with social security, Seguridad Social, to be able to work.

In the case of employment in Mallorca, you can present these documents to your future employer to apply for residency. Self-employed individuals apply for residency themselves, for example, with my assistance.

For those who are neither employed nor self-employed in Spain but still wish to apply for residency, proof of health insurance meeting the standards of the Spanish Seguridad Social is required, along with financial means of a certain amount. In 2023, this is €6,784.54 for an individual and €21,032.07 for a family with two children.

Non-EU nationals

In case of citizens of countries outside the European Union, what you need for legal residency in Spain is a card called TIE, here on the island called “british NIE” because of so many British expats living and working on the island.

Give me a call; I am happy to help you with all necessary documents and bureaucratic processes. Especially if you don't speak Spanish yet, this procedure can quickly become a stressful experience.

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